Before we look at computer programming in-depth, here’s an introduction video.

Computer programming majorly involves the mastery of computer languages. We have a majority of the population who would like to learn how computer programming works, but they have limited information on where to begin from.

You will be better placed if you have realistic expectations. You will not be able to come up with the next world of war craft or Google in a few days or weeks. These kinds of applications need an entire team of people so as to build them and at the same time they take many years of man effort.  Computer programming is a challenging field and you cannot learn it in an overnight. It is advisable that you start small and then build your knowledge up on an incremental basis.

There are various ways that may help you to learn computer programming in the best way possible. These ways may include:

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Select a programming language you want to learn.The kind of language you choose will largely depend on what forms of applications you are interested to work on. If you feel in a way that you would love to write down windows desktop applications, then consider languages such as C++, VB.NET (Virtual Basic.Net), and C#. If your desire is to create video games, then you will have to master the C++ language. This language will be key in giving you what is necessary to come up with video games. If you feel like writing iPhone applications, then ensure that you master the objective c.  If your desire is to write web pages, then you have to be knowledgeable on how the html with PHP or JavaScript works.

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Ensure that you have a good introductory book about the programming language you would like to learn. Books are the best place for you to start simply because they are structured specifically to learn one concept at a given time in point. They also build on things from one chapter to the next one. The best way of getting a book is to personally walk into a bookstore and spare time so as to peruse through a chapter from the available few different books about programming. Always choose a book that has a writing style that appeases you and at the same time and at the same time the book should have a pace and be at a level that you will be comfortable when reading it. If it happens that you are unable to find your preferred book in the bookstore you have visited, try accessing them online. There are online bookstores and normally have reader reviews that you have to study so as to know which book is best for you.

Ensure that you have the necessary tools that are needed for you to do programming in your preferred language. Majority of the programming introductory books will provide you with information regarding the kind of tools required and also on how you can have them.

Go through the book you bought while writing down codes as you pass through the examples. Practice the concepts that are taught in the book. As you go along, ensure that you understand whatever you are reading. Make sure that you understand fully the basic concepts first before you move to more advanced once.  Failure to do this, you will encounter some bigger difficulties later on as you advance in your career.

Look for other programmers so that they can answer some questions you might be having and at the same time act as mentors. You can look for them personally or still search them online as there are several programming communities online. Majority of the programmers enjoy when teaching and helping others.

Develop a reading habit. Read more of the programming blogs, online tutorials, books and anything that has got information about programming. The software world is massive and at the same time evolving and changing. Any programming topic of interest to you has got an amazing amount of information. It is upon you to search whatever you want.

Computer programming is a skill that you only master by doing a lot of practices. The more codes you are able to write, the more experience you get. Always pass your boundaries and try things that are outside your zone. This is something that can be learnt through mistakes, so don’t shy away from it.

Home networking has become a very hot issue recently. Majority of the US population or rather households with a broadband connection, nearly 70 percent of them own more than one computer. If your wish is to have your computers share a common internet connection, then the following information will be of great help in making the right decision.

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These tips may include: Learning the jargon:

  • Between your individual computers and broadband internet connection, there is a router that relays data.
  • Each computer is connected with a network adaptor. It usually sends information from your computer to the router.
  • Your computer has a unique identification known to us as an internet protocol address on the internet. All your computers will have to share one internet protocol address (IP) when you network your computers in your home.
  • A printer is usually connected to a network by a special network adapter called a print server. With this adapter, you will enable several computers to share one printer.

Select a network type

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  • An access point is a special kind of router which is used to network your computers wirelessly with the use of radio waves. Most averaged sized homes can be served by one access point. 802.11b or Wi-Fi, or 802.11g, is a trade name for this kind of technology. Regardless of brand type, products of Wi-Fi should always be compatible with each other. Wireless networks normally works for people who have to move from one room to the other with their laptops or have to use them in airports, cafes and other places having wireless services.
  • The electrical wiring in your home should be used to connect your router to every computer having a power line network. This technology has a trade name by the name HomePlug. These HomePlug networks are more secure than the Wi-Fi networks. They do not need special wiring. However, this technology is the newest in the industry and tends to be a bit more expensive.
  • Ensure that you hook up with a wired network, a home secure network which is sometimes referred to as Ethernet, 100-base-t or 10-base-t. If your router, broadband connection and the computers are in one room, then this is the best choice for you. Due to its special wiring, if your needs changes then this is the least flexible one.

Buy the equipment

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  • Get a router. Base station or an access point is the best router for you if you are going for a wireless connection.
  • To each computer, allocate a network adaptor. The simplest adaptors, just plug into the universal serial bus port of the computer. If your network is a wired one, then your computer mighty already be having an Ethernet network card (NIC).
  • If you have a wired network, then you have to purchase an extra long Ethernet cable which is also known as cat5 cables or category 5.
  • If you want your network to be connected with a printer, then buy a print server. Ensure that the connections match between the print server and printer match.

Set it up

  • Start experimenting while reading. Many products usually have surprisingly good manuals plus an online support. Majority of the device are packed with good advice like the Homenethelp.Com, Compnetworking.About.Com and Online advice is sometimes offered by a number of manufacturers. Your installation can have a huge difference just with having a good technical support. This happens if particularly you are not a computer savvy or a patient.
  • Ensure that your home theater or stereo has cables running, if you intend to put up a wired network. Majority of the home entertainment components that are new such as game systems and digital video recorders are internet enabled.

However there are some warnings that you have to consider while networking your computers. They may include:

  • There are networks which are popular such hybrid networks. For instance, you may have a wireless access point specifically for a roaming laptop, then a desktop in the bedroom. Still, in your home office, you may get a wired Ethernet going to a printer plus a desktop computer.
  • Your wireless network can be interfered with some of the cordless phones and microwave ovens.

Check out the video below to learn more about computer networking!

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Computer languages are basically used to instruct computers to carry out tasks that are ideal for them. They are able to carry out tasks such as complex mathematics. They can also be tasked with processing large volumes of information. Machine language is what computers use to speak through. Computer languages of a higher level are similar to English and thus, are translated to a machine language via computer programs known as compilers. Computer code has statements that are normally put together via a high level language which is referred to us as source code. There exist different languages together with programming paradigm that are used in achieving various tasks with a computer. For you to be able to code your computer successfully there are ways that you have to follow and they may include:

Set up the kind of task that you are expecting to achieve by using your computer. The best example to give might be such as creating a web page, having a conversation with another computer or even writing a video game.

Make sure that you research thoroughly the type of application you may wish to write and also about the best programming languages for that particular application. The best suited programming language for this application may be C sharp (C#).

Select your preferred language. Various examples of computer languages may include Java, Pearl, and JavaScript, C++, C #and C.

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Do your research: Ensure that you research on books so as to find the best books with the necessary information about the language you have selected. Always remember that we have some of the books that are specifically written for the professionals who are well-versed in computer language while others are written for those beginners in the programming field. Base on your needs when selecting the book that you require. Ensure that it is able to cater to your needs. If books are not your cup of tea and you want something that is more concise and faster, check out the video below. 

Learn the language: As you go through the topics and lessons of the book, try to perform the given exercises and examples. These skills are normally built upon one another, so always ensure that you perform the exercises in every chapter. As you carry out your examples, at the same time you will also be writing a source code that you will have to run through a compiler. After this, you will be enabled to execute in order to see you have mastered every task well or not. If at all it happens that your task is not successful, then you will have to go back via the steps provided in the book as you review your work in regard to the instructions provided.

Some of the languages do not need source codes such as ruby. When applicable, your source code will have to be translated through a compiler to a machine language. In most of the applications, you will be needed to execute your source code via a compiler.

Always start early at the same time utilizing a debugger as you learn the computer language. This will be of great help because as you progress from simpler programs to more complex programs, along the way you may encounter some defects in your code. When it happens this way, you will be better placed at the same time well versed in making use of the debugging tool so as to help you find solutions to any problems that may arise.

Practice: Make sure that you do enough practice. As it is the norm with any language, be it computer or otherwise, the more you perform or do exercises, the more you write and read your chosen language, the easier you will find the language to be.

As it is common in most of the undertakings, there are warnings that one has to consider or rather keep in mind when doing his computer programming. These warnings may include:

The computer programming paradigm is usually dedicated by the machine language and at the same time on how it can get applied. A good example may be a c language. This one uses a procedural programming paradigm while a C# uses a programming paradigm which is an object oriented.

Everyone has its own pace of learning computer programming. Allocate enough time and plenty of the practice.


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